Local Every Door Direct Mail Co-op Campaigns

WHOUTAH brings together businesses to share in a cross-channel promotion to local areas in Utah. It allows companies to reach a large audience and share the cost with other local businesses. 

Our co-op campaigns start with an oversize postcard sent to every home in your area for much less than you might expect to pay on your own. But our campaigns don't stop there -- you also get:

  • Full featured WHOUTAH.COM  profile pages for your company
  • An instore visit broadcast on TUBEUTAH, WHOUTAH's Youtube show
  • Featured WHOUTAH.COM weekly giveaways that increase local engagement with your business throughout the campaign
  • Posters promoting the campaign in participating shops
  • Weekly email reminders
  • Paid Facebook boosts to local residents
  • Daily @WHOUTAHCOM Twitter feeds
  • and More!

Interested? The deadline for our next campaign is December 20th, 2017 and is open for participating businesses in the following local areas where residents will be receiving their postcards in mid-January 2017:

  • Millcreek
  • Downtown Salt Lake
  • Bountiful
  • Sandy
  • West Valley City
  • Cache Valley
  • Provo
  • St. George
  • West Jordan
  • Ogden

Not only will the impact of this campaign increase exponentially with the participation of businesses in your immediate area, but it's multiplied many-fold since the campaign is being repeated at the same time in many surrounding areas right here in Utah!

It all starts with over 200,000 postcards, 100's of posters and a constant stream of visitors to WHOUTAH.COM and your company pages with your offers and much more.

All you need to do to join is click here to contact us and get started. 

Here's to bigger things in 2017 and many exciting campaigns with WHOUTAH!

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WHO UTAH is always looking for interesting people, places and things to feature in the magazine and with a WHOUTAH.COM online profile. You pay nothing to be included. 

We have editors throughout the state contributing their views and creating new featured profiles. If your business or organization would like to be featured all you need to do is make contact under the Support menu and we'll get started.

A WHOUTAH editor will schedule a visit to learn about you, your company, your event, your band, etc. They will take pictures and develop a compelling story to tell our readers.

Once we've developed your profile, you may choose to keep it updated yourself if you like, by posting events, photo galleries, youtube videos, blogs and more to keep our community updated.

Each profile has 50MB of free space to build their pages however they wish. Organizations needing additional space to can purchase any amount as needed, otherwise, WHOUTAH.COM profiles are created without charge.

Keep us posted on what's new around you and what's happening at your favorite places.

If you would like to be a WHOUTAH.COM editor, please contact us. Keeping people informed can be rewarding on many levels, including monetarily.

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Earn Money as a Google Publisher By Becoming a WHO UTAH Independent Editor

We are looking for people to help us create WHO UTAH profiles for all kinds of people, places and things in Utah.

What is an Editor?

Our editors find things of interest and help us create profiles of people, places and things Utahns will find interesting and useful. Restaurants, landmarks, personalities, artists, etc. Profiles for businesses and other organizations of all kinds need to be built and kept updated with information so our visitors find the right information. 

We're also interested in updated event calendars or blogs about special events. Everything going on in your town needs an editor to be aware of it and to augment a profile with it.


Editors generate revenue from ads on pages in profiles they've created. Every profile has a top banner ad. Editors set up their own Google Adsense accounts and we place YOUR code within profiles you manage. Your ad is rotated randomly with 1 ad from WHOUTAH and 1 from featured profiles. To keep receiving benefits all you need to do is keep your profiles updated.

How to Start

Just contact us if you're interested. We'll ask you to provide information for 3 WHOUTAH.COM profiles, along with your Google Adsense code.

Details on this, along with instructions on getting an Adsense account and your ad code can be found in the WHOUTAH.COM Editor documentation.

We encourage you to join us and be a part of our community! Please feel free to ask questions on the WHOUTAH.COM Editors Forum -- see you there!

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By whoutah, 2016-11-03

WHOUTAH Magazine's debut issue is just around the corner and you can make sure you're a part of it by advertising at our low introductory rates (and lock into these rates for as long as you continue your ad).

We keep it simple by offering just one size - Full Page 8.5 x 11. Just $399 or save $300 when you reserve 3 months in advance ($299/mo or $897).

WHOUTAH arrives in everyone's email at the end of January 2017. It will be available for easy download on many favorite Utah websites as well as Facebook, Google and everywhere else Utahns are found.

Hurry - our special introductory rate expires December 15th.


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About WHOUTAH Magazine

By whoutah, 2016-10-06
About WHOUTAH Magazine

WHOUTAH Magazine profiles local people, places and things. Regular folks as well as trendsetters. Unique places you need to check out. Businesses and organizations doing great things. Just sign up for a free WHOUTAH membership to receive our FREE digital magazine in your email each month. 

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